Meltem Arslan produces installations, sculptures and drawings.

Her work is a reflection on characteristics of human beings  and the comprehensive questions like meaning and reality. She is investigating to form perceptible fiction which shows its introspective consideration in a frozen time period.

She is focusing on the human body which depicts the body realistically and all its imperfection. Each of works seems to have a unique trait that tells a story of a certain aspect of life. Artist matches the outward appearance of the sculpture with inner philosophy emotions of the same image. Her creatures are staging on the life scene with the viewers. Simulated reality, by contrast, would be hard or impossible to separate from “true” reality.

Her simulated and realistic creatures question in turn the notions of identity, nationality, gender, genomes and human movement. In addition to this other questions take place such as being clothed or naked, what is true reality and what is abstract, about the relationship between reality and unreality, labelling, affiliation, relationships and boundaries between past, present and future, duality of life, high cultures or masks while she uses the human body as a form.